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Where the heck have you been?

2003-08-28 2:34 a.m.

Dear Diary,

I've been neglecting this space so I figured it was time to come back and tell what was going on. First of all, I haven't been neglecting my dear internet, as is evidenced by my work here. And here. Oh and tonight I helped on this.

So you see, I have actually been quite busy. Maybe not on things that are important to everyone...but I haven't been rotting away in my apartment.

Speaking of rotting away....doesn't this look like a crime-scene photo?

That's my head. And that's my new hair color. Do you like it? Tell me if you do in the guestbook. Sorry it's so big, I am way too lazy to crop it and re-upload it.

Also, since I've updated, I went to the wave pool with my mom. It's not really called the wave pool, but that's what we've always called it (we is everyone but my brother who calls it the AIDS pool). My mom asks me every year to go to this thing, and I always say no. Usually because I don't want to hang around a bunch of rotten kids and pay to do so. But on this day, I felt like going for some reason. It is not required to wear a swimsuit, which is good because I don't own one. So we packed up our books, bottled water and snacks and headed to the wave pool.

They have tubes that you can use in the pool so we grabbed some and took them over to the grass along with some free loungers. My mom decided that she wanted to get really hot before she went in the water, so we sat there and baked for awhile. During this time, I made some remark that caused her to say, "Hey, this is a day where we are just being together as friends. Not mother and daughter. So stop telling me what to do, and just be my friend." Believe it or not, it worked. I stopped worrying (for the most part) about being embarrassed about things that she did and just relaxed.

When we finally stopped roasting, we took our tubes in the water. The bell signifying the arrival of the waves had just rung. Mom, who is usually quite enthusiastic about the waves, was freaking out because the water was so cold. I am the "jump right in" kinda person, and so I did just that. And tried to splash my mom. She was having none of it.

When she finally got used to the water, I almost regretted that she did. This is the part of the trip to the wave pool where my mom jumps around and makes faces and noises. She acts like a monster. She screams. She tries to grab you. It's scary. And embarrassing. I told her as much, and she said, "I'm not your mom, I'm Cecilia today." Cecilia is not my mom's name. We laughed. And for the rest of the day I called her Cecilia.

Being Cecilia, my mom felt she was able to ask me really horrible questions under the "friend" banner. Like "If you knew you would be perfectly happy, would you rather marry Matt or Clay?" Um duh Cecilia. Clay! Ex-boyfriend cannot even be compared at this point.

Well of course I got sunburned on this little excursion, but it evened out my arms and made my face look kinda cute.

By the way, I have no plans to sleep tonight, as I am petrified that I will wake up late to pick up Leah from the airport at 8 AM. Yes, I know that it is sad that I cannot trust myself to wake up and that all too normal hour, but I know my limitations.


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