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Some Sad News

2003-09-02 10:44 a.m.

Dear Diary,

Let's just say that this Labor Day was not the greatest weekend of my life. Actually I cannot think of any worse.

This weekend my brother Jay found out that he has Multiple Sclerosis. Not a pleasant diagnosis. My family spent the weekend trying to deal with the concept that my brother has a chronic neurological disease for which there is no cure. I spent a lot of time with him, trying to be normal and having some fun.

For some reason, I am feeling optimistic. MS is a sort of continuum. There are people that go through life with numbness and tingling in their limbs every once in awhile. There are also people who die within five years of diagnosis. The hard part about MS is that you just don't know how it will be for you until it starts happening.

My family is a bunch of researchers. This is how we are currently coping with the diagnosis. We are finding out as much as we can about it. Alternative therapies are my current focus. I believe this stuff can help. I might be nuts, but I figure that it cannot hurt to explore every avenue.

On a suddenly less important note, I have started going to school again. I had my first class at 8:30AM. I, of course, managed to mess things up by going to the wrong classroom. I tripped about 5 million times getting out of there and going up the stairs where a much more interesting sounding British guy was flying through his syllabus.

I still have butterflies over going back to school. Not the excited kind. The petrified kind.


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